We are back!

All but 2 of our locations are now open with Royal St Ives and Flora Helston reopening by the end of July 2021.

From Monday 19th July, in-line with government guidelines, some of our restrictions will be relaxed. However, we remain committed to customer and employee safety and some measures will remain in place at all our cinemas and restaurants to ensure a safe and comfortable environment. Full details of our covid procedures can be found here

As of Monday, where allocated seating is in use, a single empty seat will be automatically placed between all bookings.

We will recommend the continued use of face coverings when moving around the venue, these can be removed when you are seated.

There will be no reduction in the hygiene regimes, and sanitising stations will remain in place.

We are here to reassure all our customers, so please get in touch if you have any concerns.

For the full list of all the updated details click here


Covid-specific Frequently Asked Questions

Cinema Safety Measures

Restaurant Safety Measures

Events Affected by Coronavirus




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